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3 days to go - MUST Fantasy Football App, Glazer HK float, G&G Savings Bonds

Just 3 days until Premier League KO - we'll be updating you with news regarding the Glazers' Hong Kong Flotation plans and soon to be launched MUST Green & Gold Savings Bonds in the next few weeks.
However something a bit lighter first - it raises funds for MUST and need cost you nothing - just a bit of fun but you'll need to be quick. Download your free fantasy football app now (use below links) and every registered user who then joins the "MUST Mini League" generates a 50p donation to MUST. There's live stats, fixture info, Head-to-Head Challenges (play against mates) PLUS over £10,000 of prizes on offer too.
Please also pass this email on to any United fans you know to help to grow the MUST Mini-League (PIN 2970) to be the biggest on there.
Fantasy iTeam is a fantastic fantasy football app too - nothing else touches it - 5 star rated and developed by a MUST member and already getting massive numbers of downloads and great feedback. It is free and generates funds for MUST once you've installed the app you just need to sign-up to the MUST Mini League
[1] Download and install it here: 
[2] Register and create your team.
[3] After you press 'Activate' on the iTeam Details screen you will be able to Create or Join a Mini League
[4] Select 'Join'. In the search box enter the PIN: 2970 and hit your phone enter/return button on keyboard (Not the  'View Public Mini Leagues' button )
[5] In the search results you will see the "MUST Mini League" - join it
[6] You will be accepted into the Mini League within a few minutes, once this has happened you will be able to see the Mini League in the 'Competitions' section.
[7] You don't have to sign up to BetFred - they are just sponsoring the app (but if you do choose to sign up to BetFred we'd obviously prefer you use MUST's own affiliate link directly http://bit.ly/MUSTfree50 )
Thanks for supporting MUST - good luck in the league and please do encourage friends to join the MUST mini-league too.
Links to bookmark: 
[1] MUST iTunes/App store  link (use whenever visiting iTunes/App Store to generate commission for MUST): 
[2] MUST BetFred - free £50 bet: 
[3] Fantasy Football - Fantasy iTeam - you need to join the MUST mini- league PIN 2970:
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