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Advice for reds when attending the Leverkusen game

by Dale Haslam, MUST Committee member for away fans issues and editor of RedsAway (now on UWS)

- GMP officers attend these games to provide specialist knowledge of our support to local police and stewards. This is their only role. They are not the police abroad – and there are absolutely no exceptions to this.

- Officers do monitor and record behaviour which in some circumstances may support an application for a civil banning order or lead to a club ban.

- When approaching the turnstiles, refrain from discussing how someone without a ticket could hypothetically get in. GMP spotters are ready to overhear these conversations and previous experience tells us that they may stop and talk to you for doing so.

- If stopped by someone claiming to be a GMP officer, ask to see proof of identity before engaging in any conversation or providing any personal details to them. If the officer refuses, walk away and remove yourself from the situation. You should be ready to make a complaint later about the officer’s reluctance to identify him or herself.

- Once presented with the proof of ID, you may wish to call GMP’s switchboard 00 44 161 872 5050 to validate that the officer is a GMP representative.

- In conversation, be polite at all times, while remembering that the officer has absolutely no authority outside of the UK.

- Also bear in mind that the officer may seek assistance from a member of the local police and, if you end up speaking to the local police, speak to them in a courteous manner and comply with their requests.

- If a GMP officer asks to see your ticket, do not comply. They have absolutely no reason to do this (though a local steward or a local police officer does). Walk away and remove yourself from a situation.

- If you have any ticket-related issues on the day of the game, United has a dedicated helpline – based at the ticket-collection point in Cologne – and the number is 07775 220 964

- If you wish to make a complaint about unreasonable GMP conduct while in Germany, you can contact IMUSA via comms@imusa.org or The Football Supporters' Federation via info@fsf.org.uk or Twitter: @FSF_FairCop

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