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AndersRed: 10 Questions for David Gill

An open letter from MUST member (and fund manager, blogger) "Andersred"

Following David Gill's somewhat unsatisfactory radio interview with Garry Richardson on 31st January (his only formal statements about United's finances since the bond issue) and the emotional exchange of views he had with two supporters at Birmingham University last week, I am today sending David an open letter with ten key financial questions about the Glazers' stewardship of the club.

The full text of the letter can be downloaded in pdf form here:

I have a lot of time for David who is clearly an excellent administrator in an "industry" lacking in such people. In the plc days I met him on several occasions. I do however think he is not being straight with the media or supporters about key aspects of the club's financial position and my questions attempt to get to these aspects.


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