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Andy Burnham MP, a candidate in the election to be the next leader of the Labour party, has spoken out during his campaign about the Green & Gold movement and the issue of supporter ownership.

He said: "I joined the Co-op Party over 10 years ago, after being inspired by the potential of the co-operative ideal in football. As Leader, I would put co-operative policies and new mutualism at the heart of Labour’s future policy offer. This is because, post-recession, it speaks to the public’s desire for a different approach to the ownership and behaviour of socially-important organisations.

“This can be seen in the success of the Co-operative Bank, which, at a time of crisis in the financial sector, was seen by the public as embodying trust and higher ethical standards. It can also be seen in the protest movements at Manchester United and Liverpool, as supporters call for the money motive to be tamed."

Andy previously served as Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport - and was once Chair of Supporters Direct.

He also attended yesterday's debate in a packed Westminster Hall.

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