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Fan groups launch “Vote Football”

Fan groups launch “Vote Football” [IMMEDIATE RELEASE 28-04-15]

Politicians are being urged to think football as a new website is launched, giving supporters across the country an opportunity to lobby prospective MPs in their constituency.

Vote Football calls on politicians to protect clubs from “exploitative, clueless or reckless owners” and is backed by fan groups, including the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF).

Supporters visiting the site enter their post code and Vote Football generates a tailored email to local politicians asking if they will reform the game.

Malcolm Clarke, chair of the Football Supporters' Federation, said:
“Football clubs are more than private companies. They are part of the cultural heritage of their local communities. And supporters are more, far more, than customers like any other.

“We are the lifeblood of the game and our allegiance is lifelong. Our voice must be heard in all the key decisions affecting our clubs.

“Existing Company Law does not give sufficient protection to clubs or rights to supporters when owners want to ignore traditions or behave in a financially irresponsible way. A stronger legal framework is needed.

“Vote Football gives fans the chance to lobby their next MP to enshrine, in law, the protection of clubs from exploitative owners. We urge all supporters with a vote to use the site.”

In 2011 the then Sports Minister Hugh Robertson said football was “without a shadow of doubt” the “worst governed sport in the UK”.

In October 2014 the Department for Culture, Media and Sport announced the launch of an Expert Working Group on ownership and fan engagement. Its recommendations are yet-to-be released.

While the pre-election focus is on the game’s governance, Vote Football can be used to lobby on other issues, such as safe standing or ticket prices, after Thursday 7th May 2015.

Vote Football is backed by some of the biggest club-specific fan organisations in the country and the FSF has asked any supporter group who’d like to get involved to contact them.

Find out more: http://votefootball.org/


See Vote Football proposals relating to the need for Football Governance Legislation:

About the FSF: The FSF is the democratic fan body representing more than 500,000 individual and affiliated members, campaigning on issues such as prices and safe standing.

Contact: Michael Brunskill, FSF Director of Communications on michael.brunskill@fsf.org.uk

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