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Glazers' lawyers throw in the towel over the listing of Old Trafford as an Asset of Community Value

Only time will tell just how significant this turns out to be but it is certainly a sweet victory for Manchester United fans over the Glazers as their lawyers throw in the towel over opposition to the listing of Old Trafford as an Asset of Community Value following its nomination by MUST - the Manchester United Supporters Trust

Old Trafford - an asset of community value?

News reached us tonight that Trafford Councl has received written notice from the solicitors acting for MUFC in relation to this matter that they have withdrawn their request for a review of the decision to list the stadium.

The Council will not now be required to review the decision and the listing will stand.

MUST chief executive Duncan Drasdo greeted the news with satisfaction saying:

"We're delighted that the owners have taken the decision to back down over their opposition to the listing of Old Trafford as an Asset of Community Value. We were always very confident of our case having taken pro bono advice from the top law firms in the UK.

"We've previously successfully challenged on several other issues including an appeal to thr Office of Fair Trading over the Season Ticket terms and conditions (then amended) and also some aspects of the Automatic Cup Scheme. This shows that supporters, when they are well advised and well organised by their supporters' trust, can win even against owners with far greater resources and with the Club machine at their disposal."

"We hope this will offer further encouragement to the supporters' trusts at other clubs and indeed provide extra impetus to Government to push forward boldy with meaningful reform of football to encourage greater participation by supporters in ownership of their clubs."

At the time of the original decision Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said:

"I am delighted by the decision of Trafford Borough Council to list the home of Manchester United Football Club, as an Asset of Community Value. The Community Right to Bid brought in by this Government, gives communities the opportunity to retain land and buildings for use and ownership by local people who value them most."

"Many of our great cities - including Manchester - are recognised around the world because of the sporting institutions which represent them."

"The new community rights we have introduced have insured that even a global iconic institution like Manchester United will remain rooted in the community in which it was founded thanks to the actions of the Manchester United Supporters Trust. I look forward to other communities following this wonderful example."

Eric Pickles weclomes ACV listing of Old Trafford


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