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Green and Gold

It is remarkable, isn't it.

Our great club has faced many challenges over its 132 years. At the turn of the 20th century, facing financial ruin, Newton Heath were saved by investment from John Henry Davies, chairman of the Manchester Brewery. Thirty years later, after Davies' death, James Gibson, another local businessman, came to the club's aid and, like Davies, ploughed money into the club to pay off debts and invest in the team and its facilities. Gibson was there too after the Luftwaffe bombed Old Trafford and led the effort to put the club back on solid footing. And of course there was that dreaded day in 1958. After a tragedy far more profound than insolvency, Sir Matt and Jimmy Murphy lifted the club up yet again, willed on by the thousands upon thousands of United supporters.

What's remarkable is that our club has emerged from these crises. It's never been easy or painless, nor has it come quickly. But we've come through bad times to see better days.

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