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Help get this new Manchester single to No.1 for Green & Gold

We sent details of this new single out on the Friday email and told you we'd be sending the links today. Now we need your help to get it into the charts and get wide exposure for Green & Gold while raising funds for MUST's campaign too.

The aim is to get their debut single into the charts so that the video gets national and international airplay. It may need as few as 2,500 sales to get it into the top 40 so MUST members can have a big impact here and we are only talking about 79p per download.

Listen to debut single (video below) just six times and we bet you'll be hooked.


Please help as follows:

a) MOST IMPORTANT - Buy it yourself!

It is only 79p & the lads are donating all of their profit for next 2 weeks to MUST's G&G campaign funds.

(if you just want the single you probably want the "Album Version")


iTUNES LINK: http://bit.ly/bdXGvX

AMAZON LINK: http://amzn.to/cIb4GM

b) Forward details of the single - (video and links to buy) to friends by email, Facebook, Twitter

LIKE the Facebook Page GET New Manchester Single to No.1 for Green & Gold


Then suggest it to your friends on Facebook

d) Post the links to the video and downloads on every United and Manchester related forum and anywhere else you think appropriate.


OK - this is the debut single from a Manc duo  - one a big red and the other a massive blue.

No doubt many members would be up for supporting any up and coming local Manchester talent anyway but these lads have agreed to support the Green & Gold campaign and 100% of their profits will go to MUST G&G campaign funds during the 2 week promotion period starting on Monday 22nd November. The video, made by an active Green & Gold campaigner, covers Manchester scenes and prominently features Green & Gold scarves as part of a decidedly Mancunian United vs City theme.

Here is the background info from the record label - but remember we want to boost sales next week to try to bump it into the charts so don't buy it yet.

F.O.A.K Ft KT Forrester - Welcome To My City (Debut Single)

F.O.A.K  are a talented hiphop duo born and raised in Trafford. Take a style with undeniable Manchester identity and musicality. Add to that the swagger, mix it with prolific song writing and blend that with clever and cutting edge lyricism and you get a First Of A Kind.

After a lot of hard work they have released their Debut Single on their own startup independent label, Foundation Rekords, to retain control of their music and to have a platform of freedom to highlight the issues they hold dear, none more so than our green and gold fight!

'Welcome To My City' is an introduction to the Manchester based duo and an ode to the city that they hail from. Depicting the two lads love / hate relationship with their hometown and their respective Red (Green & Gold) and Blue allegiance is broken up perfectly with a passionate and catchy hook sung by frequent collaborator KT Forrester.



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