M.U.S.T saves United away supporters c. £4 million!

United's away support is second to none and even our rivals grudgingly accept it as the best in country. We have long argued that away supporters are a special case - crucial to atmosphere and our football culture. In the years leading up to 2016-2017 season there had been a rapid rise in away ticket prices. Following a sustained campaign, with M.U.S.T leading for MUFC fans, in collaboration with supporters trusts from other Premier League clubs and coordinated by the national fan group, the FSF, we achieved what many had told us was impossible. The Premier League clubs agreed to put a cap on away ticket prices set at £30.

Last Thursday the Premier League shareholders met again to consider whether the cap would remain in place for the next 3 years and it is a testament to the strength of our campaign that this was passed unanimously.

Based on an estimated average saving <pedants alert!> of £15 per away game a ballpark calculation suggests that this will result in a total saving of more than £4 million for United fans over the full 6 years of the cap. (£15 x 19 games x 6 seasons x 2500 allocation = £4,275,000)

So if you know any United fan who attends at least one away game a season they've already saved the Full Membership Fee of MUST and 3 x that of the Match Going Membership so please give them a nudge to show their support for the organisation that represents them in discussions with the club and at national level by joining
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