M.U.S.T Statement European Away Tickets and Ballots

Following the end of our European campaign last season MUST has worked closely with senior club officials to improve the fairness and transparency of the allocation and ballot process for away tickets. Since the Club proposed changes to the old system (where you also got a credit for applying) we have worked to find solutions to allow fans with few or zero credits to get a foot on the ladder. We don't think it's perfect by any means but it is an improvement on where we were and will be reviewed this season.  A number of other helpful changes have also been made that are summarised here and available in full on the club's website:

Ballots will be conducted based on credits gained over a rolling three season period. Accrued credits for 2016/17, 2017/18 & 2018/19 were advised to each supporter in the Important Information email that the club sent yesterday For ballots conducted following our first 2019/20 European away game, tickets will be allocated using credits gained in the 2017/18, 2018/19 and the 2019/20 seasons. Supporters will be advised of their updated credit position before any subsequent match ballots that will take place on dates to be confirmed during September. 

To ensure that supporters without a credit history have a chance of receiving tickets, for the Group Stage games only, 5% of allocated tickets will be balloted to supporters with 0-5 credits

Thomas Cook applications will remain open until after the completion of the first open ballot 

Second and any subsequent ballots (and/or outbound calling) will also be conducted in credit order. Those ballots will include any further tickets made available by the club.

Supporters who are able to travel at short notice and have been unsuccessful in the second ballot will be given the opportunity to join a 'last-minute returns list' (this list will be used for any late ticket returns in the days immediately prior to the match)

The club has now published detailed Europa league away game information including possible opponents (although we now know the draw), Credit list, total allocation, minimum allocation available in the ballot (with club and Thomas Cook tickets taken out) and potential venues that might be changed to meet UEFA stadium criteria are also shown -supporters booking immediately after the draw should be aware of those risks. This information is available at:

MUST will continue to work with the club to review the effectiveness of these changes to address any issues that may emerge.   
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