M.U.S.T Statement on Confirmation of a Ticket Price Cap for Euro Away Supporters

M.U.S.T  welcomes the announcement from UEFA of a new maximum ticket price of €70 for Champions League and €45 for Europa League matches, and their accompanying acknowledgement that fans are the lifeblood of the game, and that away fans are essential to the stadium atmosphere.

United supporters have been penalised more than those of any other team over a number of years, culminating in the obscene price of €120 (over £100) for our quarter Final match in Barcelona in April. So it's not surprising that M.U.S.T has been at the forefront of publicising and campaigning on this issue including working closely with Football Supporters Europe to make the case to UEFA. 

We should also acknowledge the strong support of our own club in making their own representations to UEFA and challenging, and where necessary mitigating, the discriminatory prices that a minority of clubs have sought to charge us. It is these collective and collaborative actions that have led to this significant step forward.

We see this change as a first step. The level of the cap is excessive compared with the Premier League and new caps in the French and Dutch Leagues and we are cautious of the risk that it become a default price for our team and others with significant away support. We will therefore continue to monitor the prices charged compared to other teams over the coming season and report any concerns to the end of season review that we understand UEFA will be undertaking. 
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