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MUST Email: Sir Alex 25 years; Momentous political win for MUST members

Fergie 25 years - for those who aren't excited by the political campaign scroll down to the bottom of this email to view @BeardedGenius's latest offering - a tribute to Sir Alex celebrating 25 years at Old Trafford. MUST is working on a fitting tribute to the Boss - details to follow.
Momentous political win for MUST members
The response from Government on football governance is a stunning win for supporters and the result of work by many fans groups but undoubtedly you, MUST members, have been absolutely pivotal leading the lobbying and opening the door for great work by other fans' groups which has made this happen. We've outlined a summary of how we all did that below (WHAT MUST MEMBERS DID) just to remind you but first let's look at some key points from the Government response:
Reform of the FA and an introduction of a new licensing system which would enforce measures including that:
  • Clubs must recognise and have dialogue with supporters groups such as trusts - that means MUST at MUFC. There should also be a dedicated fan liaison officer at clubs. An end to the club's refusal to talk to MUST?
  • Clubs should hold official and regular AGMs at which supporter groups are invited to take part and at which appropriate financial and other information can be shared and consulted upon. An end to the total secrecy over the Glazers' finances?
  • Government raises possibility of supporter representation on football boards following a "trigger point" such as change of control. Real amd meaningful representation?

We aren't counting our chickens before they've hatched. We know that no changes have yet been made and it will take some time for football to respond to how it plans to implement changes and over what time period. However, it is really important to recognise what has been achieved here so we can continue to press for the reforms we would like to see.
So don't let anyone tell you we can't make a difference. We already have - as the BBC's Matt Slater reporting from the Leaders in Football conference said last week MUST members' emails are being read - Sports Minister Hugh Robertson says MPs are on football's case because their voters have put it on the agenda.
So that was down to your efforts and now we have the incentive to step up the campaign and get more supporters involved.
We make no apologies for this exercise in mutual back slapping. It is crucial that we highlight sucesses like this to motivate more supporters to get involved and push forward for more progress.
We now need to make sure these changes are implemented and furthermore to push for the Government to go further and honour its commitment to: Encourage reform of football governance rules to support the "cooperative ownership of football clubs by supporters".
We will be in touch soon with the next phase of this campaign but let's take a moment to look back on what has been achieved so far.
- more than 150,000 emails sent to MPs and football governing bodies. Private meetings with all parties. Media briefing and direct lobbying of MPs. 632 out of 650 MPs heard directly from MUST members in their constituency
- MUST's work to get issues into the manifestos of all the political parties prior to the election. Political football: how MUST changed the landscape to make Westminster listen 
- which led to the Government Coalition Agreement to: Encourage reform of football governance rules to support the "cooperative ownership of football clubs by supporters".
- a mass email campaign directly led to the Westminster Hall debate on Football Governance in September 2012 which, thanks to emails to all MPs from MUST members, was "the best attended debate in living memory"
- that debate meant the Sports Minister Hugh Robertson heard MP after MP say change was needed and why it needed government to enable that due to football's resistance. During that debate numerous MPs from around the UK mentioned emails from MUST members and credited MUST's lobbying work. Debate summary here
- The select committee inquiry was a direct result of that, and its report followed by the Government's response yesterday, is a victory for supporters and especially for MUST members
Give yourself a pat on the back if you helped with this.
If you didn't then you will have the opportunity to contribute shortly as we continue our campaign and now everyone can see it is working that should encourage more to get involved.
On November 6th 2011 it will be 25 years since Sir Alex took charge at Old Trafford  Fergie 25 years. MUST is working on a fitting tribute to the Boss - details to follow. Meanwhile here is BeardedGenius' latest offering - click on the image for the full size version. To view more of BeardedGenius' work view his Twtter account:  @BeardedGenius
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