MUST has raised concerns over banner confiscations in stadium

MUST, along with TRA and other individuals, have raised concerns with the club over unreasonable confiscation of banners inside the stadium at the match on Monday night.

We have been informed that the club has already spoken directly to the individuals concerned and have apologised for the banners being removed. They are making arrangements to return the banners which they have stated should not have been confiscated. The club have also said they will be reminding all match day staff / stewards of the policies ahead of the Arsenal game to avoid any repeat.

The club has also issued the following clarification of policy on banners:

- Manchester United support fans right to protest in a peaceful, legal and safe manner.

- We are aware of two instances where flags were taken from supporters ahead of the LFC game

- The flags have been located and supporters have been contacted to arrange their return

- Flags which meet the ground regulations (size and fire safety) that do not contain discriminatory, offensive or abusive language are permitted and should not be removed.

- Banners/flags containing any offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, illegal, commercial or political messaging / imagery are not permitted and anyone trying to bring a banner/flag into the stadium containing inappropriate content will be refused entry with the item. 

- Any item containing inappropriate content displayed within the stadium will be confiscated and the owner ejected and potentially sanctioned as per club sanction policy

- We have reminded all our match day staff of the above policies

While the club don't specify examples of what is and is not allowed in case it is helpful to supporters our interpretation would mean that banners including swear words or words like die, kill or hate would be subject to confiscation and possible sanctions whereas messages like Glazers Out, Sell the club, Utd for sale etc would not be prohibited. It is important to note this is only our interpretation so fans need to make their own decisions and take personal responsibility for what they take into the stadium. However we will of course offer assistance and advice to supporters who are subject to confiscation or sanction through our ISLO service wherever that is requested.

MUST will always strongly support fans right to have their say, including peaceful protest, both inside the ground and outside. 
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