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MUST response to Glazers ticket price hike

Reports that  the Glazers have once again hiked up Manchester United ticket prices will anger many supporters.

It isn't so much the amount of the increase but rather the fact that they are going up at all when they should be being cut.

A MUST spokesperson said: "Fans have seen prices rise 55% in the seasons since the Glazers took over and at a time when the club has been enjoying continued commercial success - something they seem more than happy to crow about - along with more than £100 million cash sitting in the bank unspent - they want to take yet more from ordinary supporters many of whom are struggling in difficult economic conditions." 

"They recently slashed prices by as much as 30% for many fans of their NFL franchise, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and claimed they were listening to supporters. The Glazers have received more than 28,000 emails from United fans in the last 2 weeks asking for price reductions but obviously they aren't interested in listening to Manchester United supporters."

"We also note their claim that average prices have increased less under the Glazers than the equivalent period under the PLC. This is laughable, presumably the first evidence of spin coming out of the new PR company appointed by the Glazers. I expect many United fans would respond with similar expletives  to those that got Wayne Rooney into hot water recently if asked to swallow that nonsense."

No doubt the calculations have disingenuously ascribed the first huge ticket price rise (10.6%) of the Glazer regime (2005 - 2006) to the PLC claiming the decision was made prior to change of ownership. As was explained by the PLC board at the time that extraordinary decision was made precisely because of the hostile takeover speculation (caused in large part by the Glazers unwelcome interest) but in any case what actually matters is by whom and when the price hike was implemented and that was indisputably under the Glazers' control. If they didn't agree with the price rise they could have reversed it immediately that they took over (May 2005) or even the following season. Instead they increased the prices by even more (12.9% & 10.7%) in both of the next two seasons! They then continued to push prices higher every year up until the first freeze in 2010-11 (following the start of the Green & Gold campaign).  This totals 55% over a period when inflation rose 18%. See notes below for figures on this:

Notes for editors:

Ticket prices under the Glazers 

Sources of Tampa ticket price reduction story:



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