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MUST response to reports of Singapore Flotation of MUFC

In response to reports (e.g. http://bit.ly/pdgJ3M ) that the Glazers are to float at least part of their Manchester United shareholding on the Singapore Stock Exchange and that this is a precursor to a full sale a MUST spokesperson said:

"Until we have more detail it is impossible to say with certainty what this will mean for Manchester United or its supporters.

However our aim is to provide the opportunity for mass supporter participation in ownership of their club so this could well present such an opportunity and we’d urge every Manchester United supporter who cares about the club to register with the Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) through our website. We will provide information to supporters as soon as it is available. It is quite possible that shares will not be available to ordinary supporters and that MUST will have to provide a mechanism for supporters to buy shares.

We’d like to see at least a million Manchester United supporters sharing in ownership of their club and it is our role as the official supporters trust to try to make that possible. Supporters can register for free through www.joinmust.org for information."
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