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MUST to consider way forward in Tottenham ticketing issue

MUST is considering its next step after new documents revealed confusion about ticketing for the recent Tottenham game.

In recent months, MUST representatives have asked officials involved in setting the allocation why it was again frozen at 1,878 for the December 1 White Hart Lane clash.

Originally, Haringey Council said the freeze was mainly due to the behaviour at the same match last season, particularly at the turnstiles – even though the post-match police report identified no concerns inside the stadium and Spurs and the Police admitted fault in the turnstile issue and that it was unlikely to happen again.

New documents show that Haringey also put the allocation down to the behaviour of United fans at this season’s match at Fulham.

Other officials have blamed United fans for standing in an upper tier of White Hart Lane at a game four years ago.

MUST committee member for away fans’ issues Dale Haslam said: “We have been looking into this issue for months and feel the authorities involved are not being constructive.

“They have given three separate – and contradictory – explanations for the allocation freeze and it is difficult for us to help safety officials find a solution when they keep moving the goalposts."

“Also, when a council takes into account events at an entirely different ground, it is hard for us to identify a solution, as the problem occurred in an entirely different setting. These aspects are not considered by officials in relation to any other United game."

“MUST wants to work with Haringey Council but we find their approach increasingly baffling and obstructive and it could well be that we have to refer the matter elsewhere for progress.”

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