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£4 off the price of rest of this season’s away tickets

United bosses have decided to knock £4 off the price of every domestic away ticket for the rest of the season.

The Premier League gave each of the division’s 20 clubs £200,000 to spend on improving the experience of away fans however they felt appropriate.

United chiefs consulted with fans’ groups and fans’ forum members
, who suggested the Â£4 discount as the best and simplest way of benefiting fans.

The discount applies from the Fulham game onwards and applies to tickets in all price categories. It will not be applied to previous games.

Reds Away editor and MUST committee member for away ticketing issues Dale Haslam said: “At a time when the cost of away tickets is rising season by season, this is a huge boost for reds.

“It is commendable that United bosses involved a wide range of fans’ representatives in the decision-making process. Long may it continue.”

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