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Press release: NEW SEASON. SAME GOAL

In response to reports of Sir Alex Ferguson's comments a M.U.S.T. spokesperson said:

M.U.S.T. agrees wholeheartedly with Sir Alex that the first priority is to get behind the team - especially for those supporters who are inside the stadium and can influence the players on the pitch. We also welcome his continued backing for the supporters right to show their opposition to the owners through the Green & Gold campaign which helped to create a great atmosphere last season.

Undoubtedly there will be fewer scarves of any colour on display in the warmer months of the early season and no doubt some saw it as a fashion accessory for last season only.  However Green & Gold will remain a powerful symbol of the continued desire for a change in ownership at Manchester United - a desire which burns within the vast majority of Manchester United supporters whatever colours they choose to wear.

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