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PRESS RELEASE: Thomas Cook - they don't care about fans and neither do the Glazers

Hundreds of Manchester United supporters could be left stranded and unable to attend the UEFA Champions League clash in Valencia on September 29th after Thomas Cook - the "official travel partner" sold day trip packages to fans despite a General Strike scheduled for the day of the game and likely to affect air traffic control workers amongst others. The planned strike has been known about for months but no mention was made on the Thomas Cook website for supporters booking trips and it still isn't even today.

A MUST spokesman said "Clearly Thomas Cook will be forced to refund payments on the day of the game in the event that flights are cancelled but what use is that to fans hoping to travel to support their team if there is no time to change arrangements? Thomas Cook should contact all supporters booked on the day trips and offer them the option of a refund so that they can make alternative travel arrangements if they wish to. Many may not be aware of the potential problem as there appears to be no mention on the Thomas Cook website and day trips are still for sale today."

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