The MUST Manifesto - published today

We are delighted to share with you MUST’s new manifesto, which you can download here:

As an organisation, MUST has evolved greatly over the years. From our origins as a fan shareholder pressure group and protest movement, we are now the largest Supporters Trust in the UK and work every day to try to give United fans the most influential voice possible.

As we have changed, what we have never done is document who we are and what we do. With a change of ownership of the Club – please Eric – on the horizon, we felt this was the time to do just that.

This sets out, for the first time, what we consider to be our defining mission as an organisation, which is to build a future for Manchester United where the views, needs, priorities and interests of all supporters are central to the running of the club.

Our manifesto then sets out the five ways we try to do that, which are:

Representing fans' voices to the Club - we ensure the supporters’ voice is heard at the top levels of the Club by robustly representing United fans' views directly to the senior management

Campaigning on fans priorities – from campaigning to stop the Super League to reclaiming the Stretford End and bringing back safe standing

Building a growing ownership stake for fans – whoever the majority owners are, there should always be an opportunity for fans to buy a stake in their Club

Standing up for fans, making sure they’re fairly treated – we know football fans aren’t always treated well by the authorities, and we have helped hundreds of Reds protect their rights

Always listening, so we represent fans' real views – including the biggest independent annual survey of United fans and our open-door policy at the MUST house on matchdays

We’re not the only United fans group, and we fully respect the role of the others that exist. Now more than ever, fans' unity is needed to make the change we all want to see at our club. But we believe MUST has a distinct role to play as a democratic, representative body trying to give United fans the loudest voice possible in dealing with the club. Whether under the current owners or any future one.

We hope our new manifesto helps build understanding of our role. And we hope any prospective new owner is reading it carefully too.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be highlighting the key parts of this document on social media, so please follow us Twitter @MU_ST and Facebook /MUST. We would be grateful if you could shared our posts across social media too.

You can download MUST’s new manifesto here:

All the best – and see you in just a few weeks for the new season!

MUST - the Manchester United Supporters' Trust
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