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Twentys Plenty becomes a reality - for one game at least...

Following on from this season’s cap of £30, for one round of fixtures in April, an away ticket will cost £20 – making the slogan ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ a reality for one game at least.

This is the result of a joint venture between M.U.S.T's national umbrella body - The Football Supporters Federation (FSF) - and Virgin Media. The sponsors will reimburse the cost to bring all tickets down to £20 following games played over two weekends (including dates for fixtures rescheduled due to FA Cup semi-finals). For United fans, this will be the match away to Burnley on Sunday 23rd April.

Twenty's Plenty

M.U.S.T has been at the forefront of the campaign to reduce ticket prices that began in 2013. We participated in the first march on the Premier League on the day fixtures were announced, which was supported by supporters of all clubs around the country.

We kept the pressure up with demonstrations and delegations of fan groups meeting with Premier League representatives, under the banner of FSF. Eventually in 2016 clubs voted to introduce the £30 cap from which we all now benefit.

Today’s announcement means Virgin Media are effectively subsidising £10 on every Premier League away ticket. Supporters will be able to claim their subsidy after the match has been played by visiting virginmedia.com/twentysplenty

A cheque, and cost of postage will be sent to you in the following weeks. Unfortunately the discount couldn't be applied at source because not all clubs would agree to participate.

While this is primarily a matter of principle it is proof of what is possible working with sponsors and other fans groups. Hopefully, more will follow, and M.U.S.T will continue to work to get the best deal for our members and all match-going fans along with the FSF and other groups on national campaigns.

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