We are delighted to share with you the results of our annual United Voice survey, which is the world’s biggest independent annual survey of what Manchester United fans think about how our club is being run.
This year, some 20,000 of you gave us your views. We would like to thank everyone who took part. This is a remarkable response rate for a survey of this kind, and shows just how deeply so many people care about how our club is being run. It covers a year in which the Club sought to betray its fans by trying to enter a European Super League, and after an encouraging second place finish in the Premier League the previous season saw a steep decline in results in the Autumn. Unsurprisingly, the results reflect United fans deep alarm about how our club is being run.
You can view the full report here but the big headlines from this year’s United Voice are as follows:

In the wake of the ESL debacle and decline on the playing side, satisfaction with how the club is being run, and confidence in it’s strategy to return to the top declined significantly from an already low base. In fact, United’s fans confidence in the future of the club is the lowest we have ever seen.
  • There is majority support for the proposed new Fan Share Scheme, and over 80% are likely to invest personally if it is backed by MUST. The proceeds, however, should be re-invested back into the club and not line the owners pockets.
  • Discontent with the state of Old Trafford is growing, and supporters want to see a major redevelopment of the ground with expanded capacity and much improved facilities. They need reassurance that this will now happen and that they will be fully engaged in it’s design and delivery.
  • After the disgraceful failed plans to enter a European Super League, over half United fans fear the Club may try again with a version of the proposal. By a massive four-to-one majority, United fans are completely against such a move. Supporters are also overwhelmingly opposed to potential significant changes to UEFA competitions that might result in more matches, favoured qualification or a reduction in size of the Premier League.
  • Fans continue to recognise that MUST has had a positive impact on supporter issues, but do say we need needs to communicate our successes better. Supporters want our focus this year to be on the fan share scheme, stadium development and holding the club to account.
But the message from Reds is loud and clear. We’re not happy. We’re not happy with how our club is being run. We’re not happy with the performances on the field. We’re not happy with the state of Old Trafford. And any attempt to resurrect the ESL will be fought with every fibre of our being.
Since the ESL debacle, the Club has taken some significant and welcome initiatives. MUST is represented on the Fans Advisory Board and we hope that becomes a powerful forum to influence at the highest level. Discussions are ongoing on the creation of the Fans Share Scheme, but with nearly a year since ESL these now need to be concluded and the scheme needs to be launched. And on the playing field, we need to resolve the managerial situation and then back the new boss with the resources he needs to get us back to where we belong.
This year’s United Voice makes sobering reading for us, and it will for you. We have shared it with the Club at the highest levels, and we hope they will feel likewise. It is a clarion call for change, and one the Club must heed.

United Voice 2021-2022 Summary Report
United Voice 2021-2022 Full Report

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