Welcome to your new MUST site


Welcome to your new MUST website

As you may be aware through the updates in the email Newsletters that have been sent out over the past couple of years, we’ve have been working on developing a more robust, secure and overall user-friendly website you – our faithful and loyal M.U.S.T members.

It’s has taken some to getting to this key milestone because in addition to the new look of the site, behind scenes, “under the hood”, there has been a complete overhaul of the system infrastructure, which presented even more complexity than we have originally anticipated.

However; with great support from our development partners, ACS, today we are excited to announce the new website is now live and is packed full of new features that will make managing your membership, make investments/donation or get latest on any help you have requested much easier.

We will be uploading some FAQs on how to use the new site in the next couple weeks to help you navigate around, but in the meantime please have look around, try the feature and provide any feedback so we can make the site even better for you!

Thank you to all our members for supporting us to reach this new digital chapter in our Trusts’ history.

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