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Frequently Asked Questions re MUFC IPO & MUST

We're kicking off a list of questions which we'll be providing answers to. If you want to add questions either tweet them to @Drasdo or hashtag #MUFCIPOQs or add them as comments to this piece. We'll be resuming comments moderation after a long suspension. Please note we will only publish genuine constructive comments and questions. If you just want to vent against other supporters or MUST there are plenty of other platforms where you can do so.


Please try to keep questions as short as possible. 


About the float. About club ownership. The future etc.


Why can't the 650 million fans around the world buy the club? A couple of £'s each?


The recent Football governance report mandated that clubs should have a dialogue with their supporter groups - what has happened since then with United?


What would the ideal position be for the fans? (MUST's absolute preferred option).


Will MUST be investing in shares?


Will MUST call for a boycott to try to force Glazers out? When/why/why not?


How will we know if it's a good deal for fans to invest?


What will I physically get if I invest?


Is the Cayman Islands listing just another form of tax avoidance?


Is my money at risk?


Why won't dividends be paid. I have shares in M&S and they pay dividends?


Will the value of shares go up?


If I wanted to sell my shares do I have to do it through the NYC stock exchange?


They've said net proceeds will pay off debt. How much will be paid off?


Does this mean we can buy some new players?


When will it actually take place?


Will the Glazer's be taking a slice of the proceeds?


Doesn't it mean that real fans are just paying off the debt?


Will it mean ticket prices can be reduced?


Andrew Snow ?@drewsnow87

Whats the best and worst of it? As I understand it, they've underwritten the agreement, so a min amount of shares will b bought #MUFCIPOQs 



Ryan Jones ?@ryanjones0419

@Drasdo are the club doing the right thing, or are they fucked quite simply.. #MUFCIPOQs



Johnno ?@sightseeus

@Drasdo you mentioned possible fan involvement with significant investing party; will this be the re-emergence of Red Knights? #MUFCIPOQs


Shaun ?@shaun12uk

@Drasdo #MUFCIPOQs 1.What is the % of ownership being floated 2.What voting rights do shareholders have 3.Any change to reporting accounts


Nathan Thomas ?@NathanThomas8

@Drasdo #MUFCIPOQs What happened to the Singapore floatation? And why the sudden change of tack - re. NY.


Duncan Drasdo ?@Drasdo

@andersred assuming small % of shares floated could this create an inflated valuation due to scarcity - demand > supply? #MUFCIPOQs


Duncan Drasdo ?@Drasdo

@andersred with the A & B shares unless both are quoted/traded will be hard to get a true market valuation based on A alone? #MUFCIPOQs

@andersred > "Very fair comment. Without a quote for B shares, the market capitalisation will be something of a guesstimate" #MUFCIPOQs 


Sir Kallys Nwakibeya ?@saarkallys

@drasdo selling shares in d stock exchange & raising £64m in the process to clear a debt of over £400m isn't a permanent solution #MUFCIPOQs


Joe David ?@Joedavid999

@Drasdo is there any chance of a MUST collective purchase of shares? I will be one fan willling to put money in #MUFCIPOQs





Please let us have your questions through Twitter tweet them to @Drasdo or hashtag #MUFCIPOQs  or as discussion comments on this item. 


Here are some excellent blog items which summarise much of the situation to date:


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