The Independent Manchester United Supporters’ Trust History

1998-99 : Team wins on the pitch, the fans win off it

The 1998-99 season saw the greatest achievement in English Football history. Manchester United (with a team consisting of the now famous “Class of ‘92” youth academy graduates) won an unprecedented Treble.

But it was also the season where a small group of committed, passionate supporter-shareholders united and formed Shareholders United Against Murdoch (SUAM) to successfully help defend the club from a takeover attempt from Rupert Murdoch led, BskyB.

With this David vs Goliath victory, SUAM organisers decided to become a formal organisation and rename to Shareholders United (SU) as a Company Limited by Guaranty on May 16 1999.  

2005-06 : 
Evolving SU into M.U.S.T

The primary aim of SU was to maintain the independence of Manchester United through ownership of shares by supporters of the football club. Throughout its lifetime SU was a not-for-profit, democratic (with an elected Board of Directors and Committee) and non-party political organisation whose members were Manchester United supporters holding shares in Manchester United plc as part of their emotional stake in the club.

As a result of the Glazer takeover and the privatisation of the Club, supporter-shareholders were forced to relinquish their part ownership of the club and the SU Share Scheme was wound up.

As a result, SU evolved into the independent Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (M.U.S.T). The Trust transformed itself into an Industrial & Provident Society - a democratic and not-for-profit mutual society which is registered with and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority.

2006-2017 :Rollercoaster

Since the Glazers takeover, M.U.S.T fought hard to raise awareness of the impact of the £500m debt the incoming owners had borrowed to buy the biggest club in the world. 

M.U.S.T organised marches, presented to government working committees and most famously were very active in the Red Knights attempt to purchase the club in 2010.

Unfortunately, the Red Knights did not agree with the Glazers’ valuation and the attempt was not progressed. From 2014 onwards we re-established a dialogue with the new Executive Board of MUFC.

2018 : Onwards 

M.U.S.T are now focusing on building, connecting and representing all types Manchester United fans across the world, whether you’re a match going red, you watch it with mates in a pub or you keep-up-to-date on the go.

As the only recognised supporters' trust for Manchester United (by Supporters Direct) and currently the largest Supporters Trust in the world with over 200,000 members, we want to develop a collective, united supporters’ voice and community to build a foundation and platform for once again fans to own a share in the club we so passionately follow.