Government Commits to a Better Rail Deal for Travelling Fans

Hot on the heels of last week’s commitment from the Premier League to extend the £30 Away Tickets Price Cap for a further three years the Government has an initiative to give football supporters a better deal on rail prices, particularly where they are moved at short notice for TV coverage meaning that supporters lose out on the best deals.

This is another issue which M.U.S.T has been working on for some time with fellow supporter groups and the Football Supporters Federation to lobby politicians, broadcasters, the Premier League and rail companies to give football supporters a fair deal on match day travel that is increasingly affected by changes imposed by broadcasters. This announcement is long overdue but still welcome. Supporters themselves do not yet appear to have been invited to participate in the project so we will be looking to correct this oversight and work with the other bodies to deliver on the promises that are now being made.

M.U.S.Tdevotes considerable time and resources on national campaigns through the Football Supporters Federation (which has recently merged with Supporters Direct). We meet with other Premier League Supporter Groups on a regular basis and work collaboratively on key supporter issues that affect us all. Our Vice-Chair Dave Pennington is an elected rep for the Premier League Network, working with FSF colleagues to push forward with an ambitious agenda. In addition to the Away price Cap and the match day travel initiative the group is also pressing on reducing prices for Young Adult tickets, travel cost compensation for evening TV matches where return trains are not available, improved structured dialogue between clubs and supporter groups, and challenging the FA’s Wembley ticket price hike. 

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