Introducing a NEW Match Going Membership


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Why have we launched this?

While we continue to aspire to some level of supporter ownership in the future, our mission also includes supporting the needs of match-going supporters. Since we re-established a dialogue with the new Executive Board in 2014 we have significantly and successfully ramped up our work on supporter issues, focussing particularly on ticket prices, away match issues (including ballots, the club’s disciplinary policy and travel issues) and stadium atmosphere. At a national level we work with the Football Supporters Federation and follow PL Supporter Trusts to campaign for a better deal for supporters including safe standing, issues around fixture changes for TV and away ticket prices - the £30 away ticket cap was a major achievement, delivered by coordinated supporter group action.

But we recognise that many supporters who would benefit do not have a real interest in supporter ownership and may not have considered joining MUST for that reason. Match-Going Membership (MGM) therefore provides a more focussed (and affordable at a nominal £5 per year) offer for those supporters. Full Members who attend matches will of course also benefit from our new MGM package.


What does Match Going membership give you?

We will give you the opportunity to input to regular surveys, based on your match-going profile, and will use their findings to inform our dialogue and lobbying with the club and where necessary the Premier League and the FA, and will feedback to you regularly.

We will provide helpful information on home and away matches including ballots, travel and anything else related to attending matches.

We will provide personal support and advice including a specific support for those in trouble with access to legal advice if required.

We also want to build a match-going fans community including match screenings and local events. We are exploring a number of new communication and engagement channels to connect our match going fans.


Our own MUST Independent Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO)

We are committed to provide the best and broadest possible service for our match going fans so we have created a dedicated MUST Supporter Liaison Officer role to lead it. Our Vice Chair Ian Stirling, who has years of experience with MUST and previously with the Independent Manchester United Supporters Association (IMUSA), has taken on this new role.

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