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LVG delivers - keep the spotlight on Glazers

Exciting times at MUFC with the arrival of Di Maria and Falcao. This is what we all want to see - MUFC reinvesting its own money. We should celebrate this now but we must not take our eye off the ball.

One of the odd things we see, especially on social media, is how some apologists for the Glazers expect us to be unhappy/embarrassed that our club is investing! Far from it - this is exactly what we feel we should be doing - and indeed, albeit more gradually, for the last 9 years since the Glazers took over and we entered a period of relative austerity.

LVG delivers - keep the spotlight on Glazers

Fans & LVG (& ideally media and sponsors too) need to keep the pressure on to ensure the Glazers continue to allow our club to reinvest its own funds. Ongoing reinvestment (fixing the roof while the sun is shining) is not only more cost effective but also maintains higher performance on the pitch & hence brings a greater financial return too.
We should feel optimistic now, with increased revenue & decreased debt costs, we can catch up with our rivals - as long as the club continues to reinvest. The challenge remains with the inherent conflict of interest with owners who want to keep reinvestment to a minimum as it reduces profit & hence the valuation of the club. They had no choice after last season though and no doubt LVG demanded major investment and he's not the sort of man you turn down is he? 
Regardless of how fans feel about the Glazers all MUFC supporters should unite, along with LVG and sponsors, to keep that spotlight/pressure on for club to continue to reinvest its own money and highlight any further attempts to siphon off cash to Florida.

Support the Team - Defend the Club
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