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M.U.S.T. working for MUFC supporters - some recent wins

9 x M.U.S.T. wins for MUFC fans:

MUST supporting Twenty's Plenty campaign at Arsenal(A)

[1] successfully lobbied MUFC to remove 3% away ticket booking fees

[2] worked with MU so that ticket information on website is clearer and offers more transparency about ballots

[3] helped away European ticket credit system to be reformed to a fairer/ longer term loyalty based system

[4] meetings held with club to discuss touting and appeal processes for banned supporters

[5] participated in the FSF's weekend of action for the Twentys Plenty Campaign (pictured above, video below)

 Interview re Twenty's Plenty

[6] information provided to MUFC to raise domestic away allocations - which has already gained our fans more tickets

[7] worked with club on European away logistics, including requesting charter train for fans returning to Amsterdam after PSV(A)

[8] requested working group to be set up for future Euro aways so that M.U.S.T. can raise issues on behalf of fans in advance of club reconnaissance visits to home stadium

[9] currently working to help fans going to Moscow - request made to MUFC for assistance with visas applications in Manchester and also transport to/from stadium


Eric Cantona signing - name dedicated shirts - orders close Thursday 6pm

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