The Manchester United Supporters Trust has called on Arsenal FC to honour the full entitlement for United fans to have 9000 tickets (15% of the stadium) at next week's FA Cup 4th Round tie.

MUST understands that Arsenal is only offering 5,000 tickets, citing spurious "safety reasons" for the reduced offer, saying they don't want fans who may stand up to be in the upper tier. This is despite the fact that any Arsenal fans allocated to the same seats will inevitably stand too in what is one of the biggest matches of the season for both clubs. 

As a result, just 10 days before the fixture Manchester United have not been able to offer any tickets at all to their fans, meaning supporters are unable to make travel, work and family arrangements to attend the Friday night fixture.

A spokesman for MUST commented:
"What makes the FA Cup special is the larger away allocations than you get in league games. This creates the unique stadium atmosphere so beloved of the FA's premier cup competition.

"For Arsenal to offer little over half the proper allocation is a joke. And to say away fans cannot be in an upper tier, where they are at many league grounds, is ridiculous. "

"What's more, this needs to be sorted now. The game is just 10 days away and at present United are unable to sell tickets to their fans. Supporters need to make arrangements for a fixture which has already been shifted to an inconvenient Friday night kick-off time."

"We need to keep the FA Cup special, and that means making Arsenal stick to the full away fan allocation."
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