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MP Speak Out - Act Now

MPs are back from their summer break and we need you to contact them now:

It’s recently been revealed that the Glazers have defaulted on yet more of their US shopping mall loans, that they’ve been forced to have “blacked out” games at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (where they continue to under-invest in the NFL squad whilst hiking up ticket prices), and that the interest on the toxic PiK debt at United has rocketed to over 16% due to their failure to meet the conditions of the loan. And only this week we had an admission from David Gill that United season ticket and executive sales have failed to sell out. There is no waiting list.

This could be a tipping point in the battle against the Glazers, so we need you to help us pile on the pressure by speaking out to the politicians whose duty it is to protect our national game.

Green & Gold at Number 10 Don't let anyone tell you lobbying politicians won't have any impact. If it wouldn't make any difference why are our opponents devoting their resources to lobbying against change?

MUST had meetings with all the main parties before the election including Government special advisors at Number 10 as well as Jeremy Hunt - now the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

After intense lobbying by MUST and others the new Coalition Government made the unprecedented move to include specific promises in its joint manifesto that the new Government would: "encourage reform of football governance rules to support the co-operative ownership of football clubs by supporters".

The new sports minister, Hugh Robertson MP, then said on May 18th that: "We'll give football the chance to sort itself out first by seeing how they plan to reform over the summer, and if it doesn't work then the Government will step in. We need to take a serious look at reforming the governance and structure of football in this country."

To make sure that the politicians stick to their promises, we need your help.

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