MUST calls for club to reverse member ticket price rise

MUST calls for club to reverse member ticket price rise

MUST calls for club to reverse member ticket price rise

MUST has been made aware that, in a change from previous seasons, official Manchester United members will no longer receive the membership discount on tickets purchased except for games where the tickets go on general sale. This means a price hike for members for almost all games and it hits youth tickets particularly hard where effective price rises are 38% higher than last season (£18 vs £13).

The club has confirmed to us today that this applies to all games except those that go on sale to non-members. So this price increase applies to all but a handful of games thus creating a direct additional cost for around 10,000 members per match.

We are not aware that this issue was consulted on or discussed with any fans before being implemented. MUST has certainly not been made aware of this change before now.

Consequently we are calling on the club to suspend this decision to allow consultation and then to reconsider whether this is a sensible policy change.

Despite increasing match-day costs to the club such as the accessibility changes and additional security measures, asking members for more money when revenues are already at record highs is not a decision we agree with.

The club has made good progress in addressing some ticketing issues, whether it be reducing League Cup and Europa League ticket prices  or increasing the number of youth season tickets on offer. However this is a backwards step and we feel it should be reversed without delay.

If this is an issue affecting you then you might wish to drop a brief email to to ensure they have an accurate reflection of members' feelings on this as otherwise they may conclude it is not an issue. Any specific points you wish us to raise can be logged with us via 

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