MUST Comment after Bids Received

At the commencement of the sale process, MUST was very clear about our list of asks for any new owner of Manchester United. These were to restore the Club to the top of European football, invest in the teams, the wider Club and the stadium, to ensure financial stability, and to work in true partnership with fans at all times. These asks have been backed to date by 150 fan groups from all across the world.

Any bid will be judged against these criteria, but with the news of an effective “nation-state” bid emanating from Qatar, further considerations arise. 

There are questions about sporting integrity given the exceptionally close links between this bidder and the owners of other European clubs including PSG. 

We urge all bidders to open a dialogue with fans groups alongside the bidding process with the club, in order to discuss their proposals including the above issues.

We also note the importance that any owner respects the rights of all people. Many supporters have raised concerns over discrimination that women face in Qatar. Other fan groups have expressed their concerns about the intolerance of the LGBTQ+ community, concerns which we fully support. 

Finally, everyone can see the progress the team is making under Erik Ten Hag. After the frustrations of the last decade, it is clear that enormous strides are being taken. Any prospective bidder needs to explicitly commit to backing Erik and his plans to restore United to glory.

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