MUST response to away allocation cuts for League Cup semi-finals

The away allocations for the Manchester derby in both semi-final legs of the Carabao Cup are set to be cut due to a mutual decision between both clubs.

MUST statement

We are hugely disappointed at this decision reached privately between our clubs that shows little respect or understanding of the interests of match-going fans. The fact that it has been announced on the eve of Christmas, with no prior consultation with us, is all the more surprising given how MUST has previously worked so effectively behind the scenes with the club and with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to address risks to maximise our allocations at matches in both league and cup competitions. Why no such conversation took place this time is especially disappointing. We would like to see the evidence that has led to such a draconian 60% reduction. 

The EFL has set a 10% allocation for its competition both to to ensure a vibrant atmosphere and to maximise the magic and appeal of the competition - the FA’s allocation for the FA Cup is  of course 15% for the same reasons. While the EFL are unlikely to be able to challenge and overturn the decision made by our clubs at this late stage, they must be concerned at the longer term impact that this precedent may have on the commercial appeal of the competition, and we call on them to review their procedures and future jurisdiction on this issue.

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