PRESS: MUST Welcomes UEFA Commitment on Away Supporter Tickets

The issue of excessive and discriminatory pricing of away tickets for Champions League and Europa League matches has taken a huge step forward this week with UEFA meeting President Aleksander Ceferin acknowledging that UEFA’s own regulations are being abused and proposing a cap on prices to address this. 

He said: “We know about the problem. It would be good to do something to cap prices. It’s absolutely not correct that away fans are being charged five times more than the local ones. The clubs are using tricks to go around the regulations. So maybe the solution is to say what is the highest prices that can be charged to away fans. Football is played for the fans if the fans are treated improperly or not the same as the home fans, that’s simply wrong.”

Our supporters have been subjected to excessive pricing more than any other club and MUST has been at the forefront of supporter campaigning on this issue. We have engaged with our own club (who fully support the need for action and lobbied UEFA), worked with Football Supporters Europe (FSE), and other Supporter Trusts in England and Europe, and encouraged high profile media coverage. This long overdue progress is the result of our collective concerted actions.

UEFA’s long awaited acknowledgement now needs to be turned into new rules that deliver unequivocally. MUST will continue to work with FSE, our club and others to ensure that this now happens.




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