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Report published by the Government's Expert Working Group on Supporter Ownership and Engagement

The Government today published the report of the Expert Working Group on Supporter Ownership and Engagement

In addition to our written submissions M.U.S.T. was invited to make presentations to the group on two occasions and we highlighted the need for legislative change if we were to see meaningful reform. The full report can be read here. Responding to press inquiries today a spokesman for M.U.S.T. said:

"Whilst we welcome the proposals to assist supporter ownership of clubs in the event of insolvency, the reality is that insolvency is mercifully rare. For the vast majority of football supporters, whose clubs are not facing insolvency, the proposals aimed at reducing barriers to supporter ownership offer little and thus we believe the Government needs to continue to review this if they are serious about meeting previous manifesto commitments”

“Building on the progress that the report makes for the few clubs facing insolvency, we now call on the Government to take a more comprehensive look at football club governance. Football clubs are community assets as much as they are private assets, and the Company Law which governs them must now be reformed to reflect that. Investment in football clubs is welcome, but we must ensure that we get the right balance between the long-term interests of the football club and the short-term needs of the shareholders." 


M.U.S.T. - the Manchester United Supporters Trust

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