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Singing Section - MUFC agree to work on solutions to allow STs who wish to, to remain in J Stand

MUST has welcomed proposals to address J Stand enforced moves for the Singing Section (SS). If an SS was to go ahead our preference was not for it be in J stand and we opposed (publicly and in privately to the Club) the enforced relocation of J Standers.

However we also wanted to help to find a better solution in the event that the Club decision would not be reversed or paused. In response to our suggestion to pause the process we were told it would not be possible.

It is also important to note that the success or otherwise of the proposed solution depends on relative numbers who choose different options but the Club tell us they are confident this is possible. 

Also worth adding at this point we've had more than enough splits in fanbase over various issues and singling out individuals is a distraction and counterproductive in terms of getting a better outcome now and in future. Fans need to be unified to maximise influence.

A few points to clarify still re: those J Standers who wish to stay in terms of whether they will (i) be in a Singing Section and (ii) allowed to stay in own seats and/or in main SS section if they wish to. Will get clarification as soon as possible.

Official Club summary note from Friday's Fans Forum re: the Singing Section

The concept of a Singing Section is a 5 year+ fan led initiative which the club has agreed to support and we will implement it from the start of next season.J is the best place for it based on Acoustic Engineer reports and after discounting all other options for practical reasons.As we’ve said in previous forum meetings (September minutes), inevitably some fans would have to be moved.Individual fans and the fan groups SEF, Fans United MUFC and Reclaim United were involved in the concept of a Singing Section but not the final decision regarding where it would be.

This was a club decision. It wasn't an easy decision as we are aware of the impact on long-standing fans and we are doing everything we can to respect the wishes and to listen to these fans.To that end we have attempted to contact every single ST holder in J stand and where we have made contact we have listened to their preferences.

We are confident we will be able to satisfy all their preferences – including those who want to stay and actively take part in the Singing Section.In recent weeks we have sought the input of MUST and IMUSA and we have carved out a section of J (to the far left of N2402 and closest to SAF Stand) for those existing STH's who have a strong desire to be in the Singing Section.

These fans need to understand that they are joining a Singing Section and the experience from next season will be different. The feedback on the development of this special section has been positive.There is a comprehensive compensation package for those in J Stand who have opted to move out of J – and many have already moved.

There is absolute commitment from the club to re-seat these J Standers as a priority in the best available seats once the renewal deadline is passed and we have more visibility on availability. (Being temporarily allocated North Stand Tier 3 is a way to create a holding place on the system not the only option).

Fans in J will all continue to be contacted individual by individual but they are encouraged to ring the TO so we can log their preference.

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