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An update on the name personalised signed Paul Scholes shirts - more than half have now been sold. The date of the signing has been rescheduled to 23rd April (Paul is on holiday prior to that) so orders will close on 21st April.  

 Singing section to be made permanent

Singing Section made permanent

The club have announced that the Singing Section will be permanent starting next season and will be located in blocks N2401 and N2402 in the North-East Quadrant, which accounts for roughly 1,600 seats. Although MUST supported the concept of a singing section we have not been involved in the discussions and we do not support the compulsory relocation of long standing season ticket holders in those sections. Relocation of away fans would seem a preferable solution but without having independent access to information we're not in a position to be able to argue for an alternative solution.

Club announcement here:

Paul Scholes Dedicated Signed shirt - deadline April 14th
The legend that is Paul Scholes rarely does signings etc but he's agreed to do name dedicated signings as a one off

Paul Scholes to sign name dedicated shirts - 10 days to order yours
The legend that is Paul Scholes rarely does signings etc but he's agreed to do name dedicated signings as a one off so if you want one this could be your only chance. The signing date is 23rd April so orders need to be received no later than 21st April. Pre-order here: http://bit.ly/1jQJgYG

Paul Scholes Dedicated Signed shirt - deadline April 21st


Europa League

Europa League ticket price and ACS campaign victory

We understand that our campaign for concessions on Europa League ticketing, should we qualify, has been successful. The importance of this decision is that it shows the club will listen to fans when lobbied by MUST. That is progress!

Although the club have made no official announcement we've been informed that anyone calling the ticket office to purchase a season ticket is being told that:

Tickets will be 25% discounted for any qualifiers and group stage games, and will also not be part of the ACS.

Season Ticket holders can opt out of Europa League and/ or League cup on a season long basis or match by match.

However you will still need to buy tickets for these games if you wish to be able to apply for away games. 

THE MAGNIFICENT 7s limited edition series - number 1 - George BestHow your print will be packaged.

THE MAGNIFICENT 7s limited edition series - number 1 - George Best

Absolutely bloody gorgeous Georgie!

The Magnificent 7s -  limited edition prints - only 77 copies for each player will ever be produced, exclusively for MUST.

"When I'm gone people will forget all the rubbish and all that will be remembered will be the football. That'll do for me."

Full details and to order click here:

The artist, Justin Eagleton presenting his portrait of George Best to George's son, Calum



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